Interstellar and Religion

Switching from the usual’s (Finance), tonight I decided to write something different. What other attractive topic can there be than movies and what other good movies can I write about than one of Nolan’s finest – Interstellar.

Now the title of this writing may come as surprising. Interstellar and religion? Is he smoking pot? How does that connect! Interstellar is pure science, not a single drop of religion!

Is it?

All religion: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam recognizes the concept of ghost and of course God and in Interstellar you certainly get a taste of both. “Friendly Ghost” as described by Murph in the bookshelf or as described by NASA scientist “them”, someone far more capable than human beings (capable of placing a wormhole nearby Saturn), probably signifying God.

However, at the end, we realize that both “Friendly Ghost” and “them” are future generation human beings that have advanced into such capable beings that can use time as a variable that can be altered. Thus the concept of ghost and god is nothing more than future ourselves playing with time dimension.

Nolan presents a compelling theory to explain god and ghost in a subtle way. Not that I am an atheist trying to explain the concepts of religion through science, it’s just an observation, trying to explain a perspective.